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Investment Approach

Adaptability with Accountability.

At Hancock & Associates we recognize some basic truths. Every investor is unique and every market is unique. It’s an acknowledgement that each person’s experience is different and that this will heavily influence the decisions that you make. For that reason, our approach has to begin with understanding who you are. It’s an undertaking we realize, but an imperative one. How can we determine if a financial plan is successful, if we don’t know how you define or measure success? How do we know your goals for your retirement? What are your expectations for retirement? How much income will you need in order to maintain your lifestyle? We could go on and on. It’s important however, that you understand the emphasis that the team at Hancock & Associates places on getting to know you, your goals, and listening to your vision. It has to be all about you and for you.

It’s at this point that our 27 years of experience comes to the table. Where, our team begins shaping the plan, determining if the makeup includes mutual funds, privately managed accounts, exchange-traded funds, annuity solutions, or the proper combination of these pieces. For most in our industry, the plan stops here being placed in buy-and-hold investment strategies that receive little attention after the initial investment implementation. At Hancock & Associates we continue to monitor your financial plan as market conditions, levels of risk tolerance, and additional factors change. Whether we’re experiencing a bear or bull market, we continually adapt our approach to incorporate strategies that work based on the type of market conditions we’re actively experiencing. All markets are not created equal. To survive in both, you need an advisor who can recognize the market trends, appreciate how each of these affects your invest strategy, and the experience to adapt your plan accordingly.

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